About us

MERRYBLUE CORP is one of the pioneers in information technology, established in 2012. Thanks to production and business lines and strategies that are in tune with the needs of customers around the world, MERRYBLUE CORP has achieved certain successes.

Thanks to a team of skilled and highly specialized staff, behind the efforts of the Company’s Board of Directors and all employees, it has been voted the Brand For Consumers in the Information Technology industry for 5 consecutive years by Global magazine. believe. Leading market share in many European and American countries.

With the goal of expanding the group, SETUP has representative offices in some countries such as the US, Japan, Korea, … We always welcome young people who have ambitions to become experts in the Industry industry. information technology.

When joining MERRYBLUE CORP, you will have the opportunity to work with a large team of experts with many years of experience working in large corporations gathered in MERRYBLUE CORP. You will have access to the world’s leading technologies and techniques, you will understand why our products always satisfy the most demanding brands and customers in the world such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea…

The working environment at MERRYBLUE is an open environment for young people to unleash their creativity and express their talents to receive worthy values for their families and themselves.